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Dynamo Kidz Creche in Florida North

At our Dynamo Kidz creche in Florida North we offer brilliant and affordable childcare and education for children from Birth to 6 years of age (Grade R). We strive to provide a loving and stabile environment that children feel secure and protected in. We want learning and education to be Fun!


Each child has a Daily Notice book that contains daily progress on what your child did during the day, including nappy change details and bottles (age specific). This is a wonderful communication tool between parent and teacher.


Daily Routines are followed through out the school. Examples of these are under each of the age specific tabs.


We are an English medium school although we do have staff that are multi lingual.


We offer full and half day care that include well balanced health meals and snacks.


The happy environment the children learn and play in is constantly kept at a high level of cleanliness and hygiene which minimises the threat of constant infections and spreading of germs.


All classes are open-plan and very spacious and are specifically designed in this manner to allow children to feel at home and to ensure that class room routines are monitored constantly by teaching staff and by management.


Teaching methods give our children the opportunity to develop in all spectrums which prepare them for primary school and assist them in reaching their full, dynamic potential. All children are motivated, spoken to with respect and always encouraged to give of their best.


Teaching is personalised around the students needs, allowing the children to be treated as young individuals and encourage their special, individual personalities to be nurtured.


Dynamo Kidz host quarterly parent evenings and believe in an open door and parent friendly environment. Children throughout the school receive reports once a term.


Dynamo Kidz offer extra murals ie: Ballet, Movers and Shakers, rugby, computer club, Audiblox, music, pottery and baking. Only swimming is conducted off school premises.


Tuck Shop Day and Baking day take place once a month!  




Florida North
011-672 4089
28 Conrad Drive
Florida North

Extra Murals are offered
At an additional fee
Pottery and Arts/Craft
Monkey Nastix
Brainy Blox
Soccer Stars
Computers etc.

These may vary each year