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General Information

Weekly and monthly assessments are conducted on each child by class teachers. These assessments give the school a clear guide as to where each child is developing. Reports are distributed twice a year.


Parents evenings
Offering parents opportunities to interact with class teachers. Parents are contacted immediately if there is an area that their child finds challenging and parents need to assist with at home.


We encourage parents to get involved in our fund raising activities. Full feedback is always provided to parents so they can see where the money has been spent on improving and maintaining the school. Portion of school fundraising profits are donated to charity.


Additional Services
Immunization/De-Worming/Vitamin Drops offered by a nursing sister who comes to our school every second month to ensure that age related immunisations are administered and that multi-vitamins and de-worming are done (when deemed necessary and signed off by parents).
School Readiness testing, Hearing and Vision Testing offered (fee for service) by specialists.


Parents are welcome to call/phone the school at any stage to find out about their child’s day.   


Parents can view School Monday to Friday, 07h30 to 17h00.